Colusa County

Colusa County is one of the 58 counties, and one of the original 27 counties, in California, USA. Established in 1850, it later split into Glenn and the Colusa counties in 1891. Colusa’s main economic driver is agriculture and agricultural economics and business.

It is also home to 21 public schools, and eight colleges within 50 miles of Colusa city center. In Colusa County, the average life expectancy is 80,2 years and the overall health score is 46,3. Reasons to Invest  Colusa County is one of the smaller counties with a population of only 21 419 people. However, this simply means that there is plenty of space for growth and improvement in the county. Currently, it’s a great time to buy into their property as Home Appreciation improved in the last year to 6,8%.

For Colusa County, the median home value is $210 900, while for the whole of USA it is $218 000. It is predicted that this will improve with 4,4% in the next 12 months. The percentage of mortgage delinquency (when homeowners don’t make their mortgage payments) is also half of that of the national value, at only 0,8% (against 1,6% for the nation).

With over $70 million annual revenue, companies such as the Adams Group, offers great incentive to invest into the county. This also means that there is an opportunity for large companies in the area. Other major businesses include companies in the investment sector, such as Sun VALLEY Rice, casinos, such as Colusa Casino-Resort, and warehouse-merchandise and self-storage, such as De-Pue Warehouse Co.

Top Three Things to Do in Colusa County   For those with a more adventurous spirit at heart, Colusa County does have a few activities in the bag for you! Colusa offers many different activities for all type of people, from Casinos and restaurants, to nature trails and hikes. Here are the top three (mostly outside) activities for those who like to do more than just sitting idle.

1) Deafy-Glade Trailhead If you love the outdoors and enjoy spending your time in nature, then the Mendocino National Forest’s Deafy Glade Trailhead is the is the trail for you. The trail offers both horseback riding and hiking routes. Although this trail only has a Class 2 Difficulty score, there are other benefits for one to enjoy. The beautiful Deafy Glade can be glimpsed regularly, and various small streams will be crossed along the way.

2)Williams Soaring Centre Perhaps you are less of an outdoorsy and hike person, yet still enjoy having a little adventure in your life. The Williams Soaring Centre is then the place to go to. It is a small, private airport, and apart from offering training, it also offers glider rides for up to two passengers. But make sure you have cheap dental insurance before you get any broken teeth from these adventures. One could choose between a more relaxed ride that shows the regal and beautiful views of the valley below, or a more daring flight where the pilot shows of just what he is capable of: flips, loops, rolls, you name it!

3) Colusa National-Wildlife Refuge Should you wish for a more relaxed and peaceful activity, or if hunting is your thing, have a look at Colusa National-Wildlife Refuge. It offers both a more relaxed walking trail where one can experience the scenic area, and Waterfowl hunting for someone looking for a bit more to do.